The Principle
Audiotech operates as a general contractor. We interface between the specifier and the various specialists that will be assisting in the project.
The first and most important stage is to fully understand our clients’ requirements, expectations and resources for each aspect of the project. No two clients will have the same expectations in all areas of performance. It is essential that the project meets (often exceeds) client expectation and is on budget and time.

Once our clients wishes are completely understood and agreed we will complete a feasibility study. From this study we will be able to offer the client a time line and budget line for the whole process. This information along with details of suggested equipment and specialist contractors will constitute our business proposal document.

From this document and following agreement from the client we develop the control processes that will ultimately run our area of the project from start to finish. This stage includes project development, planning, activity management, supervision of equipment installation, system commissioning and any relevant training.

We believe in a comprehensive aftersales service, especially during the initial stages of operation as it is at these times that help in familiarisation and any further requirements may arise.

During the specialist processes of the project we only work with our approved consultants and contractors. For a significant number of clients, working with us for the first time or on repeat projects, this provides peace of mind and confidence that they are not financing a novice contractor that is “learning” how to implement a technology or system. We act as the sole point of contact for our sector of the project, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness for our client.

Below is a sample of some of the more common technologies that we integrate into complete systems for residential, commercial, professional areas and superyachts. The systems we favour are modular, easy to integrate and scalable. We develop user friendly applications on all kind of interfaces like smartphones, tablets, touchpads and PC.

Integrated control allows the client to specify interface(s) of choice. All interfaces are dedicated and user friendly. We will guide our clients through this important area taking into account technical issues as well as the final aesthetics and design impact.

  • Electrical equipment and supply, local area network, storage systems
  • Lighting engineering and control
  • Air-conditioning
  • Control and integrationermi, TV)
  • Security and video surveillance
  • Conference rooms and video conference
  • Automation and motor control of curtains, screens, TV.
  • Programming and systems integration
  • User interface development and programming
  • Multimedia content storage and management
  • High definition video management and video projection
  • Record player vinyl Audio, Multiroom and Multichannel audio, Background music.
  • Acoustics and noise suppression.